Law of Attraction and Meditation:
These two topics would seem to fit together as perfect puzzle pieces, wouldn’t you think?  I never thought of them in the same sentence before, however I can see how they would fit together.  Law of Attraction (LoA)  after all is bring into your focus what you desire.  What’s the imperative word there?

If you said, focus then ding ding ding, you get the prize.  Focus is extremely important in meditation.  Remember as I said above one of the points in LoA is focusing on what you want?  What better way to focus than through meditation?  I am well aware of guided meditation as I’ve done it before.  I’m sure there are LoA guided meditations available.

The biggest challenge I have with being guided is that it does me no good.  I focus too much on the voice of the person speaking to me and not enough on my own personal space.  When I meditate I don’t like to be told what to see, where to go, what to do.  I need the freedom to travel unimpeded , to go where I feel most at peace.  I can imagine someone just learning to practice meditating would need some guidance, however I’ve been meditating for several years now and hearing someone’s voice does more to interrupt my calm than settle it.  Focus is what I need when meditating, and guided meditation simply doesn’t work for me.  It doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  Maybe it will.

LoA attempts to bring to you what you desire.  The only way for it to do so is by deep focus.  Meditating can bring you to a place where you are extremely focused.  If you center on what you want whether it be a relationship, a career, an object, put some instrumental music on, close your eyes and simply drift away, staying centered on your desire.  You can sometimes reach your higher self in this way, the universal “you,” the place where your dreams exist.

Those who meditate daily say they can find that place with relative ease on a regular basis.  Once in this state, the essence of who are, some would say your soul is no longer with your body.  It has traveled outside.  This is when you can ask the universe for what it is that your shell, your physical desires.

It’s not easy to get to this place.  The more you practice meditation, the more likely it is that you will reach it.  You may not even be aware that you are in the state the first time you make contact with the Universal.  You may only be there for what appears to be a split second, but remember in previous entries here at Wisdom and Life when I said:
Time is different in the Spiritual Realm
.  I wrote another entry called Fixed Rules where I discuss how time varies between the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

What I’m getting at and why I brought up these two blogs here, is that even though you may feel as if you’ve spent only a split second in the Universal State, most likely the time you were there was much longer than your physical, than your shell can comprehend.  So while there you MUST make sure you voice your desire.  Someone (Our Guides?) will pick up on your desire and if it is in your Divine Plan your wish will manifest at the right time.
When the wish arrives, you must make sure to thank the Universe, your GuidesThe Masters so that they are aware.  This is an important step in practicing LoA.  By acknowledging the Universe, you are giving thanks to those who manifested your desires.

Meditating can help you reach that state where can speak with your guides and as I said above even though it may seem as if you’ve spent but a split second in that state, chances are you were there much longer than you know.

It’s important that you ask for your desire.
It’s important that you continually focus on your desire as you move into your meditative state.  The more you center on your wish the greater the likelihood that your masters, your guides will pick up on why you’re in the Universal state.

Remember to focus!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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