On Friday, May 31, 2013 I wrote on Google+:

I keep hearing:
“Find us on Facebook.”
And I wonder how much longer it will be before we begin hearing:
“Find us on G+.

I sometimes give a tease for an upcoming column on my blog.  This was the case with the post I shared last Friday.  I seldom say whether what I say on G+ is a tease so be on the lookout in the future for this activity coming from me.

I’ve been listening to WPLR in the morning before heading out first in the early to mid 1980s for school then in the late 1980s and forward before heading into work.  A few days ago while listening to Chaz and AJ in the Morning, I heard them say for the upteenth time:
Find us and like us on our Facebook Page. which is what lead me to post that content on Google+.

I know!  You’re probably thinking:
This isn’t the first time they’ve said that.  Is this REALLY the first time you heard it?  
No.  It wasn’t the first time, but it WAS the first time I paid attention and that was when I realized we have yet to hear:
Find us on Google+/plus one our page.

There are indications that Facebook is on the downslide.  It was reported several months ago that many Facebook profiles may not even be real.

–In August 2012, Forbes.com wrote an article:
An Estimated 83 Million Profiles are Fake.
–In another column written by Janet Takavoli on Huffington Post  in December 2012, called:
Facebook’s Fake Numbers: ‘One Billion Users’ May Be Less Than 500 Million
–Finally on Huffington Post in August 2012 Dominique Mosbergen wrote:
Facebook Has 83 Million ‘Fake’ Or Duplicate Users, About 8.7 Percent Of All Active Accounts

I certainly understand that the 83 million figure is not a hugely significant number when you have the accounts that facebook has.  However, that 83 million number DOES stand out.  If, as it looks, there REALLY is a number of that implication, how many of those “Fake” profiles are pushing the “like” button on various pages and how many of those “Fake” profiles are following pages/people/groups?

This is where Google is improving its standings in the like/follow community.  Google is insisting that its users of Google+ (G+) sign on and continue in ALL of its services with their full names.  I think Google concluded from watching Facebook that it was in Google’s best interest to correct some of Facebook’s mistakes.  (So, see?  Sometimes it is beneficial to come late to the party.)

You’re able to stand on the sidelines and watch the errors that others make and ensure you don’t travel the same road.  By insisting on real names being used when on any of Google’s products they have circumvented Facebook’s challenge with fake users vs. real users.  I don’t think you will see the same issue appear in relation to fake users on G+.

Which brings me back to the reason for this column today:
Why haven’t we seen a “Find Us on G+” campaign?

Are companies still afraid to jump into an untested product?

Google as a company is far from untested.  Maybe other companies have seen the results of Google’s other forays into “social.”  Maybe they believe G+ will go the way of Buzz and Wave.  This certainly doesn’t appear to be happening however.  Buzz and Wave were only steps into the vast ocean of “social.”   Google+ is on a deep dive that shows no sign of rising.  The ONLY thing that is rising is Google’s place in “social.”

–According to Business Insider in May 2013:
Suddenly, Google Plus Is Outpacing Twitter To Become The World’s Second Largest Social Network

PC World in January 2013 wrote:
Google+ outranks Twitter as no. 2 social network after Facebook

Seeing these signs pointing to social domination by Google as well as search domination leads me again to ask the question:
Where are all the businesses?

A company who built its reputation on search would more than likely build all of its products around search, wouldn’t you say?  And that’s exactly what Google is doing with G+.  I won’t rehash what I wrote in the past, I will simply refer you to my:
Social category at Wisdom and Life

If you want detail on the search implications of G+ read my column:
Why Google+.

You’d think that companies would see the bigger picture and at least “step into the vast ocean.”
Create a G+ Business Page
–Start promoting your page on radio, in print, online, in television ads.
–Make sure you post relevant content.

It continues to baffle me why we don’t see this happening yet.  If Facebook is still a priority because that’s where your followers are, fine.  It certainly can’t be that challenging to update another profile.  Heck there are applications that let you share the same content across media platforms.  When you create your pages make sure you have way to track your visitors to your website.

–Follow up on your stats.
–Watch how your visitors find you.

I use Google Analytics on all three of my websites.  As you can well see I’m ALL in with Google.  I have been since Google debuted.  Analytics does an excellent job of showing what you need to see.  I’ve noticed a huge uptick in visits to all of my sites since I received my beta invite to Google+ before the platform debuted to the entire public.

If I’ve seen an uptick can you imagine what someone the likes of Ford, Sony, Apple or some other big name company would see if they spent time creating a business presence on Google+?  If business waits too long it may very well be too late.

Once more:
What are you waiting for?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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