Snowball Effect and Law of Attraction

For those of you unaware I wear a myriad of hats: Photographer Writer Librarian   And: Social Media Consultant. Image from: Wikimedia I belong to the Madison Connecticut Chamber of Commerce on the back of my photography business: CJP Photos. However, I’ve found another venture I have re-imagined is getting me more attention now than […]

Deeper Spirituality equals Deeper Patience

I’ve talked before about how my spirituality has deepened since discovering Law of Attraction.  What I haven’t discussed is some of the ramifications of that deeper sense of faith.  One of the consequences I’ve noticed, is a stronger tolerance, maybe tolerance is the wrong word.   Patience works better.  I’m more patient, more tolerant now […]

Contentment and Peace

I’ve recently been mentioning my G+ friends at Wisdom and Life frequently.  I spend all of my social media time on that one platform and as a result I’ve curated many followers there.  I’d like to consider the people I tag from G+ friends.  Google+ is where those who are content developers should be for […]

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