I’ve mentioned my obsession with Pompeii previously at Wisdom and Life.  A few days ago on Sunday, July 14, a G+ friend, Tina Gray tagged me.  She mentioned a song by Bastille called Pompeii and it got me thinking about the city that was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius.



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Providence College

I’ve been obsessed with that city since I was in middle school.  Many of my friends know of my compulsion; and a few who have had the opportunity to travel to Pompeii have brought back something for me.  One of the things I treasure most  is a few strands of rosemary from inside the walls of Pompeii.  My friend, Eric’s Mom brought it back for me.  Quite surprising as I never mentioned Pompeii to Eric or his Mom.  When I asked how both of them knew, they smiled and said:
Madison is a small town.


Apparently nothing stays secret long in a small community.  It’s like I’ve joked about repeatedly:
I wouldn’t make a criminal in my hometown.  I’m just too well known.


The lyric that deeply resonates with me in Pompeii is:
If you close your eyes does it almost feel like you’ve been here before.


I imagine that’s what intrigued Tina Gray and why she shared the video with me.  In her share with me she wrote:
Hi Chris, When I read your latest dream interpretation and your Pompeii obsession I automatically thought of this song which is performed by a great set of musicians which I have a bit of an obsession with…so, I am sharing this song just with you just because..its what you and I do. Enjoy


I always enjoy when someone comments on a column I’ve written at one of my two blogs because it is really the only way I have of knowing when a particular person has read something I’ve written and shared.  Google+ has been amazing that way.  It’s been the only social network I’ve been on where I get that kind of engagement with my readers.  More readers have engaged with me on Google+ than any other network I’ve been on.


Back to that lyric:
I’ve often wondered about Pompeii and whether I was REALLY there in a past life.  You know how I feel about past lives, that I sincerely believe I’ve been incarnated before and will be again.  If I close my eyes, does IT FEEL like I’ve been there before?  I don’t know whether I can truly answer that.  I can only say that I have the Pompeii obsession.  One of the attributes, they say of a past life, is having a compulsion for a particular place.  I have it in spades for Pompeii.


You can ask any of my friends.
You can ask any of my family.


Do you have a compulsion for a particular place?
Do you have a compulsion for a particular time?


Could it be a past life attempting to make contact?
You’ll never know unless you start seeking answers.


Have you ever considered a past life regression?  A good friend of mine, TJ went through a regression and found it completely utterly fascinating.


Are you strong enough to attempt it?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


2 thoughts on “Pompeii

  1. Julianna

    Hi Chris, my name is Julianna and I am thrilled to say I am going through the exact same thing. And when I say exact, I mean exact. Uncanny. The obsession, the time frame in which I became obsessed, and the song and the exact lyrics that stood out to me as well. My friends are always so confused as to how such a ‘generic’ relatively old song as Pompeii by Bastille can make me cry
    instantly every time it says, “But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you’ve been here
    before?” (Side note: I can definitely say it does feel like both) and I always happen to absentmindedly close my eyes and reflect as soon as those lyrics come on. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a song more seriously actually. I long to visit Pompeii, more than I want to live (no exaggeration haha!) From as far away as Pennsylvania, it already feels more like home than anything else.

  2. Kat

    I feel this! I recently went to the Pompeii exhibit at a museum and got the strangest feeling of deja-vu and sadness. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had intense interests in certain times and places, but this has been the strongest feeling I’ve ever had. It was almost like memories were popping up. I really would like to take a trip there, and to other historical sites in Europe.

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