A fellow G+er, Nicole Grimshaw in my circles inspired this column today.  On Monday, she wrote an update to her blog New Project, in which she laid out her plans to finish writing her E-book discussing the relationship between Christ consciousness and Law of Attraction.  Her column started me thinking about that relationship myself.

I certainly understand that I’ve discussed this at Wisdom and Life previously but some things cry out to be heard from multiple times.  I believe Law of Attraction and Faith and how they are connected.


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Let me explain what Law of Attraction (LoA) is for those who may not know:
In its most basic form. Law of Attraction says:
Your belief, your attitude dictates your worldview.  In other words:
Our thoughts create our reality.


Law of Attraction also says we can have what we desire.  That doesn’t necessarily mean “things.” Although, the movie/book The Secret would have you think otherwise.  As stated in Wisdom and Life previously, I discovered Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret several years ago and it was life changing. The Secret would have you believe that Law of Attraction was a way to acquire “things.”


That’s a minuscule part of what Law of Attraction is.  The REAL essence of LoA is a mind shift, understanding that when you change your attitude, your entire worldview changes as well.  Here’s an example:
Suppose you’re surrounded by negative people in your life.  What’s the first thing you would normally do?  You’d join in right?  You’d beat the same negative drum.  How does that make you feel?  

Do you feel joy?
Do you feel uplifted?

No.  Right?

Well what if you pivoted instead?  What if you mind shifted?  What if you looked for something in the negative that was being espoused and turned it into a positive?  How do you think you’d feel then?

That’s the true essence of LoA:
Changing your attitude from negative to positive and it is as easy as pivoting.


So, I suppose you’re wondering what the relationship is between Faith and Law of Attraction, between Spirituality and Law of Attraction between Christ consciousness and Law of Attraction.


Remember when I said a  minuscule part of what Law of Attraction is getting something you want?  There are three basic rules to receiving what you want:
–Ask for what you want.
–Give it up to the Universe.
–Be grateful when it arrives.


There is a Biblical Proverb that says:
Ask and it shall be given you
I choose to see the Universe as God.
Because who are you asking if NOT God?


One of the things I ALWAYS tell people who want to understand Law of Attraction and want to ask for something they want is to start small.  When I receive what I have asked for I ALWAYS look up and say thank you.  That’s my way of being grateful.  I look up, because, I’m actually thanking God as I understand him to be.


I sincerely believe Law of Attraction is just another way of saying God.  If you look back at my examples above, maybe you’ll make the same connections.


Nicole Grimshaw did.
I did.


The decision is yours to make.  For myself, EVERYTHING is a matter of choice.  It’s why I’ve maintained for as long as I’ve been incarnated in this my latest incarnation, that we as humanity should be free to choose our worldview; one should not be thrust upon us.


I choose to see God in every aspect of my life.
I choose to see Law of Attraction as simply another bridge to Christ Consciousness, to Faith, to Spirituality.


What do you believe?
I’d LOVE to hear from you in the comment section below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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