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Welcome to another edition of Saints Monday.

Saint Brigid of Ireland is special to me as my friends in the column The Professor and her Husband are integral to Saint Brigid.  Before they both transitioned, the professor’s husband became EXTREMELY spiritual.  You can read about SOME of his transformation in my linked column.  Whether you believe what I’m about to write or not is beside the point.

He believed and that’s ALL that was important to him.

During the time that he was incarnated and after his wife transitioned, he and I shared a spiritual bond.  We communicated through emails and I visited him frequently.  I saved many of our email correspondences because they were important to me as a reminder of our deep friendship.  As a map to this column I want to share a couple of the emails.

First is one that he replied to in an email I sent regarding a dream I had of his wife who transitioned earlier.

Even after close to ten years later I can vividly recall that dream:
The professor was on a steamship.  She had short close cropped black hair as she did in life.  She was standing at the ship’s forward looking out at the vast ocean.  Beside her was a pale woman with wavy blonde hair, a study in contrasts.  

I recall being somewhat present in the dream and I was able to interact JUST a bit with the scenery.

I happened to glance up at the ship and saw an Irish flag rippling in in the wind.

This was her husband’s response to me:
February 28, 2004
To you, this very powerful email.
All dreams have a meaning for the one’s who dreams it.
Your dream has two meanings, among many others.

1. She wanted to let you she is coming back.
The other woman is someone she met aboard the ship.

2. She wanted you to tell me that she is coming to me from across the ocean, that she was born in Europe, somewhere blonds are prevalent.  England or Ireland, so I would know she is not an American citizen, which will soon be fixed.

Whatever her name is in this life, she is a fully awakened Ascended Master, with all the knowledge of all her past lives.

Yes Chris, your “sighting”  spoke volumes to me.

Remember she will only visit us the ones on this earth that she loves very much, to key me so I can receive more information, as you have just done.

She, with her returning back in the body will enlighten many souls as she reveals herself to certain souls.

Especially her sons who are seeds of two masters, and they can only be what she and I are, she will get them to understand this,

Chris she may be what is called a walk in, I will explain this to you when we meet.

She is of the Violet Light, and this Light can move mountains, as well as souls.

Revelations, flying into my head by the hundreds now.
Edited for brevity.

I hope you noticed some of the words he chose:
–fully awakened
–Ascended Master
–Past Lives
–enlighten many souls

Again, whether you choose to believe this isn’t the point.
I BELIEVE and that’s what matters.  I knew BOTH of them long before either one took ill.  And he was far from the spiritual being he became once his wife transitioned.  It was almost as if someone new entered his soul.

I think he believed the blond woman beside his wife was Saint Brigid, especially being that Saint Brigid is often portrayed in images as being blonde.  You may see the connection for why I believe that in the next email I share:

One more email to tie the connections together and once more this email is edited for brevity:
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004
Subject: little update

Here is a little information about the “coming.”

This is vague however I believe this information that I felt through my inner voice are correct.

She lives in Southern Ireland not to far from Kildare.

I was there last Feb. 2003 in Kildare for the Feast day for Brigid 2-1-03.

I believe her husband saw the connection to Saint Brigid that was ALWAYS there.  

Miracles of Saint Brigid:
–Several of Brigid’s miracles occurred on Easter Sunday. On this day, a leper had come to Brigid to ask for a cow. She asked for a time to rest and would help him later; however, he did not wish to wait and instead stated he would go somewhere else for a cow. Brigit then offered to heal him, but the man stubbornly replied that his condition allowed him to acquire more than he would healthy. After convincing the leper that this was not so, she told one of her maidens to have the man washed in a blessed mug of water. After this was done, the man was completely cured and vowed to serve Brigid.

–Brigid was when she went to the King of Leinster to ask for land to build a convent. She told the king that the place where she stood was the perfect place for a convent. It was beside a forest where they could collect firewood and berries. There was also a lake nearby that would provide water and the land was fertile. The king laughed at her and refused to give her any land. Brigid prayed to God and asked him to soften the king’s heart. Then she smiled at the king and said “will you give me as much land as my cloak will cover?” The king thought that she was joking and because Brigid’s cloak was so small he knew that it would only cover a very small piece of land. The king agreed and Brigid spread her cloak on the ground. She asked her four friends to hold a corner of the cloak and walk in opposite directions. The four friends walked north, south, east and west. The cloak grew immediately and began to cover many acres of land. The king was astonished and he realized that she had been blessed by God. The king fell to the ground and knelt before Brigid and promised her and her friends money, food and supplies. Soon afterwards, the king became a Christian and also started to help the poor and commissioned the construction of the convent. Legend has it, the convent was known for making jam from the local blueberries which was sought for all over Ireland. There is a new tradition beginning among followers of St. Brigit to eat jam on the 1st of February in honour of this miracle.


This is yet another example of the connections I see everywhere.  My connection to Saint Brigid travels back in time to 2004 with The Professor and her Husband.  These people are always in my thoughts, never far away.  How many people who have transitioned so long ago are still in your thoughts?


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!

Blessings to you.


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  1. Jean Wise

    Amazing story, Chris and how it ties with St Brigid. amazing

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