I’m sure you’ve all heard of people who can sense energy around people and places; those who can see auras, the ring of light around someone.  My friend, Susan Deborah on Google+ recently wrote a column at her blog called:
A beauty so touching that you sob that discusses this to some degree.  Check it out.


 There are three places in my lifetime that I’ve visited where I have actually felt positive energy flowing from.

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–A farm in Lisbon, Connecticut.
This piece of property was my escape valve when I needed to be alone and simply be. I spent relaxing time there, meditating, sometimes I’d bring a book and sit back against one of the rail posts and read all day. All the while soaking in the energy that flowed all around the tranquil piece of land. The moment I arrived my entire body tingled with electricity.  Goosebumps raised on my arms and I felt the air around me charge with a current.


–Block Island.
The same feeling overtook me here as the farm in Lisbon.  It’s one of the reasons I make a point to travel to BI at least once a year.  My entire body tingles just as it did at the farm.  It becomes lighter, a sense of calm envelopes my soul when I’m on Block.  Almost as if I’m protected from any negativity out there. I can actually feel a bubble encase me.

Some may think me foolish.
Some may think I’ve fallen off the deep end.


These are the people I no longer concern myself with.
I know what I feel.
I know what I believe.
That’s what matters.


–A farm in Madison, Connecticut.
What I found completely fascinating about this last place is:
The moment my feet touched this piece of land, I experienced the EXACT same feeling I felt when I go to Block Island.


A sense of calm washed over me.
The same gooseflesh popped over my arms.
The same tingling vibrated throughout my body.


I’m convinced I can feel personal sacredness in places.  There has so far only been these three locations I’ve felt this humming.  And that’s what I feel, a humming when my feet touch the sacred ground.  It’s almost as if my soul is singing, almost as if my soul is attempting to escape its bodily confines when it recognizes a sacred place.  I sincerely feel there ARE energy fields and our individual souls resonate with the places we resonate with.  I think each soul has places they feel close to, maybe they spent time in one of these places in a past incarnation and the soul remembers the place fondly, thus carrying the memory with them in their latest life.  Energy fields are all around us it only matters how we as souls resonate with them.


Everything is energy.  People carry energy fields within them as well.  It’s why we all have auras. Our aura can change with our attitude, our mood; however I think our normal aura is either positive or negative.  I believe the energy in our aura is one way we find those in our soul groups.  We communicate differently in soul form, in light.  We can only communicate through vibration.  And what is vibration, but energy?  Those in our individual soul groups resonate in harmony and the ONLY way to recognize each other is through listening to the vibrations we all emit.  Just like our sacred places emit a particular vibration that only resonates with a particular soul, particular souls emit a particular vibration that only those in our soul groups recognize.


While we are stuck in our shells, we must rely on our inner light, on our souls to direct us to our own energy fields.  When we hum around a particular person, when we hum at a particular place, you better take notice because those are the energy fields that are important to our souls.


–Have you ever felt yourself hum when near someone or when at a particular location?
–Have you ever felt gooseflesh rise all over your body when near someone or when at a particular location?


I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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