A couple who married for seventy one years recently transitioned within hours of each other. Robert and Nora Viands were inseparable during their marriage.

My friend Yvonne I. Wilson over on Google+ recently wrote a column at her blog called:
Grieving Husband, 96, Writes Song for His Late Wife – They Were Together 75 Years

Her column fits nicely here and I wanted to share it.

Robert transitioned first on Wednesday August 28 around 12:45 AM.  Nora didn’t wait around much longer passing the same afternoon at 4:45 PM.  Barb Milton, one of their daughters joked:
after Nora died) that he was tugging on her, saying ‘Come on Nora,’ and she said ‘No, I have to say goodbye to the kids.

What do you think Robert’s first thoughts were when he found himself in The Transition Tunnel? Can you imagine him coming to and seeing his BEST friend and not being able to verbally or physically communicate with her?  In those first brief moments, when Robert realizes something is different, before he understands exactly what happened to him, he is probably in a panic not just for losing his best friend but also for being in a dark place and not knowing what just occurred.  It is for this very reason that we have guides come to us in the tunnel; to take away the anxiety, to relieve the stress; not only emotional stress, but the physical stress of losing our shells.


For that is all our bodies are.  They are shells housing our true nature, our light. our souls.  Physical pain vanishes once we sluice the corporeal.  But as with ghost pain (as in still feeling a limb that no longer exists) physical discomfort may linger for a short time while we assume our natural being of light.


Can you imagine Robert in the tunnel now?  I bet if you close your eyes for a moment, you can see him.  On the one hand wanting to enter the light that is expanding in the distance, but still holding back, looking behind him and wishing only for his wife.  Perhaps one of his guides, gently pulls him forward and MAYBE JUST maybe breaks a cardinal rule.  Maybe this guide speaks up:
Nora will be following you within hours, Robert.  It’s time to move on.  It’s time to meet those in your soul group.


Hearing this news spurs Robert on and he continues floating toward the ever expanding light.  I don’t think losing a loved one, leaving someone behind can cause the one left behind to transition within hours days or even weeks of each other.  The birthday and transition day is decided when we are in Transition Hall.  Before our souls re-enter the physical we go to transition hall to choose our next body.  It is there that our life plans our made:
–When we will be born.
–When we will return to the transition tunnel.
–When we will meet those in our soul group.

–We know when we will meet our soulmate, the person we are meant to be with.
–We know when each of us will return to the light.


So perhaps what Robert’s guide may have done when he may have told him that Nora would be following within hours wasn’t the faux pas that it first appeared.  If we know before we enter humanity when we will enter the tunnel how can it hurt to know in advance?  Well, here’s the thing:
Once we enter humanity again we choose to forget everything we know when in the hall.  We choose to forget because it’s how we learn.  If we knew all these things, there would be no need to return.  We return over and over to learn from our past mistakes.  Perhaps Robert needed to deal with the loss Nora without knowing when she would return to him again.  


With this knowledge do you STILL think that what the guide may have done wasn’t so bad?  I understand that Robert’s guide was only attempting to move him forward, move him into the light. There are other motivations the guide could well have used.  What do you think some of them are?


Would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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