You did not say, “Let’s go forth into this physical experience and take all the ideas that exist and whittle them down to just a few good ideas that we can all agree on and peacefully cohabitate.” Instead you said, “Let’s go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more. Let’s let the contrast be more so that the desires can be more, so that the Energy will have more avenues to which to flow.”


Friday, November 22, 2013

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Abraham-Hicks is correct:
Life is all about moving forward.
Life is all about expanding our horizons.


The entire concept we were most likely raised with that we should concentrate on a few ideas, that we should narrow our life skills down to only a select few, that we should know what we want without experiencing the whole of life is an anathema.


There are very few people who know what they want at a young age and fewer still who have the skills to follow through.  That’s why it is so important to try many different tasks, look at many different ideas, have a variety of desires.  The more you experience, the better you’ll be at knowing what you want and what doesn’t work for you.


It’s the same reason I read from EVERY genre.  How else will I be able to communicate my likes and dislikes with a plethora of people.  Not everyone will resonate with a particular genre so isn’t it better to be well rounded?  Isn’t it better to have the ability to discuss a number of genres with someone?


On the same token, isn’t it better to have a variety of skills so that when the time comes to choose your career you can say:
Oh, that’s not for me because I’ve already done that.
But I love doing THAT.  I can see  myself in that career.


Without contrast you won’t know desire.


Peacefully Cohabitate

This reminds me of one of my recurring Star Trek themes here at Wisdom and Life (And yes if you didn’t know yet, I AM a HUGE Star Trek fan)

One of later characters from the Star Trek Universe is The Borg.  Their ever recurring line is:
We are the Borg.
You will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.


Peacefully cohabitating as mentioned above is reminiscent of The Borg’s wanting to assimilate everyone they come in contact with.  Captain Picard’s response to assimilation paraphrased is:
It is our differences that make us human.


As is the case with the line from Abraham-Hicks:
Instead you said, “Let’s go forth and take the ideas that exist and expand them to more.


Expansion of thought and differences are what make us human
Not everyone following each other like lemmings
Not assimilation.


We have to know contrast.
We have to know different.
Remember, if you in a contrasting time in your life, be thankful. For it is in contrast when something will change.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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