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Here’s another example of Divine inspiration at work in my life:
Last night, (December 8,) just before falling asleep, I was given this concept for my blog.  This is why I’m convinced that there is a higher power guiding us.  Not only for giving me the concepts for writing this blog, (you who have been following Wisdom and Life understand that I believe I’m simply a conduit, that what I write is being channelled through the Divine, that yes I’m typing the words but the message is coming from above,)  But also because The Divine is all around us, guiding our lives to the best outcomes.  Being given this concept last night is another clear indication of this.


I grew up in a community much like Norman Rockwell paints. My best friend growing up, lived around the corner, there was a pond just down the street where I spent almost every waking minute fishing.  I knew everyone in the neighborhood.  I was blessed to live there.  My entire life has been blessed.  I’ve also faced challenges that would have brought many to their knees.


I believe the reason I grew up in this blessed community is the same reason God poured his faith into me.
–HE understood that I would need something to keep me grounded.
–He understood that I would need a safety net.


Everything we do affects not just us but everything and everyone around us, the ripple effect.  I believe there is JUST one who controls what happens in our lives.  HE watches over us and moves people and events in and out of our lives to gives us the tools to create the life that is best for us.


Last Sunday, December 8, I met a friend at Starbucks in Madison, Connecticut for our daily walk.  While we were out, she  asked me about Christmas and if I asked for anything.  I told her:
I didn’t need a thing.  My life is golden, I said.  I have everything I want.  And that wasn’t a lie.
–The best group of friends I’ve ever had.
–Living within five minutes of work and downtown.
–A day job I couldn’t be happier with.


All of this would not be possible were it not for the challenges I experienced growing up.
–I have to say this before going any further:
–I don’t hold onto anger anymore.
–I have no regrets anymore.
–I don’t blame anyone anymore.


Because I now understand that everything that happened in my life was SUPPOSED To happen:


The ripple effect was felt early and often in my life and I had no control over it as we never have control over the events in our lives, again the concept of predestination.  My family disintegrated before I was out of my infancy.  This was all part of the Divine Ripple Effect in my life.  Everything that happens is part of HIS plan and even though what happens may cause initial discomfort, in the end everything will be golden if we we can look past the storms we faced.


There is no perfect life.  I know that and when we TRY to create the life we want God will put obstacles in our way if that isn’t the life we are supposed to have.  Only HE knows what is best for us.

Were it not for the fact that my family fell apart before I was out of my infancy,
Were it not for the fact that my mom remarried:
I would not be in Madison, Connecticut now.
I would not have met the professor and her husband.
And as a result of NOT meeting the professor and her husband my path to enlightenment would have been more arduous.


I’m sure you’ve heard the adage:
The end justifies the means.


Generally that is seen as a negative.  However, in this case, The Divine Ripple Effect in my own life certainly proved the opposite.  The end DID just that!  The end DID justify the means.  Although, this is far from the end so I suppose we could say:
The NOW justifies the means.


What I CAN say is this:
The only way anyone can see the end justifying the means is to pivot.  Change your view of life, find the blessings in your challenges.  Learn to be grateful for the storms that appear in your life.  Because storms, challenges, tests?  These are all placed in your life to clear out the old, to clear out the garbage, to remove the debris that is disrupting your flow.

–If you can come to a point in your life where you can see all these things as blessings,
–If you understand that whatever happens in your life is supposed to happen, that the Divine Ripple Effect is working in EVERYONE’s life, your life can be golden as well.


If I can reach that point, so can you.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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