I understand that I’ve written extensively about Journey of Souls but the columns I’ve written have all been with quotes from the book.  Today will be a bit different.  A couple weeks ago Lisa R who I’ve mentioned here previously came into the library after I recommended another book:
Rob Bell’s Love Wins.


Lisa was effusive in her joy over having read the book and it was then that I decided to write this column.  If there were ever two books that I can recommend EVERYONE read, it is these two.

Journey of Souls and Love Wins resonate so deeply with me because they tell my story.  Let’s take each book individually and see what I mean.


Journey of Souls

is an examination of cases by Dr Michael Newton.  Dr Newton who holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and a is a Master Hypnotherapist, brings his patients into a deep hypnotic state where they recall NOT their past lives but where they go between lives.

Even though I am in complete agreement with Dr. Newton…
Even though I understand what Dr. Newton is writing…


I can honestly say this is one of the few books that have altered my perception of transitioning.  I came away from reading Journey of Souls with a few new additions to my paradigm:
–Soul Groups
–That we all transition and return in groups
–That death is merely a transition.


Understanding this has completely removed the fear of transition.  Knowing beyond doubt that we never lose anyone important to us, knowing that death is simply closing one door and opening another can have profound implications on your entire well being.  This is why Journey of Souls is such an impactful book and why it should be on everyone’s must read list.

Love Wins
Rob Bell

What if everything modern religion professes is misconstrued?
What if there really is no eternal damnation?


That’s one of the theories that Love Wins puts forth.  After reading this book a few years ago, my paradigm changed again:
A bit about my spirituality:
I believe in a benevolent loving God
I believe we ALL come back. (Yes I’m talking about reincarnation.) I believe we return in groups.
I believe God created us and he won’t forsake ANY of us.
I recently discovered Rob Bell’s Book Love Wins and after reading it I realized Mr Bell and I believe the same things.
I believe we should follow our heart, follow our soul.
I believe we should find our own spirituality.  One should not be foisted on us.


I was baptized Catholic but I found my own way.
Some have begun calling me a universalist.
I’m not fond of tags but this one seems to fit me.

From G+ Christopher Jennings Penders
About section

Had I read Rob Bell’s Love Wins before my awakening I would most likely have seen it as banging the drum.  Now I see this book as an important piece of Christian literature.  I found the book easy to read, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking answers to spiritual questions that arise as a result of someone looking for a spiritual home.  This book affirmed many of my beliefs in the Spiritual realm of Religion.


Some of the questions Bell puts forth are important for everyone to consider:
–If God supposedly loves everyone, why is it that a select few are chosen?
–What happens to people like Gandhi?


The two books in this column today couldn’t be more different.  The common thread is the fact that they moved me forward on my path.  They may not have the same implication for my readers, however I would be remiss if I didn’t offer them to my readers as possibilities.


If I can reach just one person with something I discuss here at Wisdom and Life, then I’ve done what I can.


These two book made look at Transitioning and Faith in a completely new light.  I’m not saying they will do the same for everyone, however I am recommending them too all of my readers.  Don’t give up on reading them because they leave you uncomfortable, because they take you out of your comfort zone.
–Sometimes we need to be rattled.
–Sometimes we need to be shaken up.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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