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People many times ask me where I discover the books I read.  MOST of the time I take advantage of working at my day job at the EC Scranton Memorial Library in Madison, Connecticut.  Sometimes as with The Modern Book of the Dead, I’m fortunate to have a great many friends who are in the same place as I am, and one of these friends recommends books to me ALL the time because we are both such avid obsessed readers.


She recommended The Modern Book of the Dead to me a few weeks ago and I read the entire book in about a three day span.  I posted recently on Google+ how big an impact this book has made on me:
Just to show how far I have grown spiritually, that life TRULY is a marathon and NOT a sprint, I used to tell people to watch the movie Grand Canyon If they wanted to know anything about me.


Now I tell people to watch that along with reading a couple of books:
Journey of Souls.
–The Modern Book of the Dead

These two books delve into topics I sincerely believe and hold close to my heart:
That our souls are eternal and that we continually return to the light and continually return to the physical in one big circle.
Life is one BIG learning lesson!


Both of these books discuss what happens to us after we transition.  The difference between then is clearly evident once you start reading them and I think it would behoove you to read them back to back,  I don’t think it matters in which order you decide to read them however.


Journey is a of series of case studies by patients in deep hypnosis.

Modern Book of the Dead is more a linear story told by Ptolemy Tompkins, the son of a well known author and scientist in his own right who wrote a book called The Secret Life of Plants.  Ptolemy was raised with very distinct thoughts on death, dying and reincarnation by his father who appeared on the surface to hold these strong beliefs as well.  Where The Modern Book of the Dead and Journey of Souls intersect is on the subject of where we go when we transition.  Using much of the same language:
Both books discuss being a place of peace, a place of pure light.  
Both books discuss the concept of Soul Groups.  
Both books discuss returning again and again to learn from previous lives.
Both books use returning over and over as a spiritual evolution of the soul.


What I found so fascinating about The Modern Book of the Dead and why I so deeply connected with it is for the very reason that EVERYTHING, and I DO mean EVERYTHING in the book felt entirely real to me.  My whole belief system is wrapped up in that book.  There are so many passages in this book that I felt connected to. Here is one such passage:
What we go through at death, then, is the equivalent of a triumphant and completely surprising recovery of a larger smarter, better self that we had forgotten about in the course of descending into our physical body and making our way through the terrible amnesia and obstacle course of our incarnate life.

Page 86


I will be writing more columns in the coming weeks, using such passages as launching pads for the upcoming columns.  And I will reiterate here again:
If you want to know ANYTHING AT ALL about who I am and where I fit in this world, then go watch the Movie Grand Canyon and read The Modern Book of the Dead.


That should give you a pretty clear indication of my worldview.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.

Once you realize that life is eternal,
That our souls our eternal,

That we return to light and physical over and over;
We then lose all our distress
We then lose all our fear of dying.  For there truly is no end.


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