Change or be Changed

“You can change or you can be changed. Initiating the change yourself is a lot less painful. The choice is yours. Today, think about those areas in life you have accepted won’t change. We all have them.  These are the situations we don’t expect to change, so we don’t work on them. If you can’t think of any, ask those around you:
Where do you see that I’ve given up seeking change?  Where am I not even trying?”

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Change or be changed.
This is another recurring theme here at Wisdom and Life.

–Change happens whether we accept it or not, whether we like it or not, whether we initiate it or not.
–Change is a matter of life.  And since that’s the case, I’d rather embrace it, then run from it.  It’s like I’m fond of saying:
Row your boat gently DOWN the stream.

Because it is when you resist it, it  is when you go against the current, it is when you attempt to prevent change; that’s when you get in trouble.  I’ve written here previously that you can’t change someone else.  You can only change yourself.  You will not be rowing down the stream when you attempt to change someone else’s behavior.  I learned that lesson and it took me over thirty years to recognize.

Today, think about those areas in life you have accepted won’t change. We all have them.

Was about to write that I don’t know that I agree with the above quote, but after reflecting on it, there are examples where something can’t and won’t be changed no matter how we attempt to influence our lives.  As I’ve also written here previously, there is a the matter of predestination.  It is something that I sincerely believe is part of the fabric of our lives.  As an example:
Have you been attempting to chart a new course in your life and are constantly butting up against debris?
Maybe you’re looking for a new job?
Maybe you’re wanting to move out of town, out of state?

Is something preventing you from initiating these changes?  Ya know what is causing that?  It’s called predestination.  Yes there are things we can do to change our lives.  However if you are running into blockages, blockades, stumbling blocks when attempting to initiate a change then back off.  Let your life flow like that unobstructed river..  I guess what I’m saying here is:
–Accept change when it happens.
–Don’t struggle.
–And when something you want to change doesn’t, remember it’s what’s supposed to be.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Change or be Changed

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