Groundhog Day w/Bill Murray

Bet you’re looking at the title above, doing a double take and thinking:
Okay, how is Chris going to relate Groundhog Day to Law Of Attraction, Faith and Spirituality?

By the time you finish reading this blog entry, you’ll NEVER watch Groundhog Day the same way again. What do YOU think Groundhog Day is about? On the surface, the movie is about a weatherman stuck living the same day over and over. Get out that shovel and dig deeper though!

WHY is he repeating the same day?

Again, on the surface, he is repeating the same day to… (now if you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t want to spoil the end, then stop reading here. If you HAVE seen it or don’t care. then scroll down:

…to get the prize, the girl.

But what does he have to do to GET the prize? He has to become a better person, right? He has to learn lessons, right? And until he learns those lessons he must keep repeating the same parts of the same day until he learns. For example, when he walks out of his room that first morning, (The REAL Groundhog Day) he meets the guy on the steps. The guy asks Murray about the weather, Murray grumbles something and walks away. Until he learns to be kind to this guy he keeps seeing him. It’s the same throughout the movie. Until he learns each lesson he is bound to repeat them. Hmmmm? I wonder what THAT sounds like?
Much like past lives and reincarnation and karma. You’ll keep repeating the same situation in each lifetime until you’ve passed that test. Once you pass then you get to move on. Murray’s character doesn’t get to move on until he learns to become a better person.

Another example is ALL the times Murray’s character dies. But he comes back, right? Still, it’s only the SAME day. A veiled interpretation of reincarnation? I wonder! You’ll keep returning until you learn your life lessons and when you’ve FINALLY learned everything you need to know, you get to claim your prize.

What do ya think? Did I blow your mind? Will you EVER watch Groundhog Day the same way again? This is why I’m writing this blog:
— To stretch your thoughts
— To teach you to look at things sideways, backwards and upside down.
— To march to your own drummer.
— To question reality.

How am I doing?
Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


Groundhog Day w/Bill Murray

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