Hope In The Darkest Days

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.

Dalai Lama

Hope.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Hope as:
to cherish a desire with anticipation <hopes for a promotion>

Hope is what I cling to.
Hope is my life preserver.
When life TRIES to darken, hope lights the way.

I know you’re thinking if you rely on hope, Chris then what you’ve written here before is out the window, because hope shouldn’t be in your lexicon.  If you believe everything happens for a reason and everything that happens is meant to happen, then hope has no reason to be in your field of view.

I can see where you’d believe that.  But another way to view the word, is to find another perspective.  How about seeing it through the prism of Law of Attraction?  Remember what Law of Attraction says?
Our thoughts create our reality.

What reality would you rather live in?
A hopeful one or a disappointing one?

Yes when something you’ve wished for, doesn’t come to pass you can feel let down, but hope can be your float, rising you back up.

Hope.  Knowing that something better is just around the corner.
Hope.  Knowing that you’ve survived this temporary relapse
Hope.  Looking back and seeing that because you’ve survived in the past that you’ll survive in the future.

Without hope, there is NOTHING to cling to.

Hope is positive.
We all need hope.

I believe the words Hope and Faith are interchangeable and as an example:
A close friend of mine was recently given a medical death sentence.  I visited this friend last week and we talked about the experience.  Being full of positive energy I did EVERYTHING I could to leave this person with all the hope I could.  As I left I said I’ll see you soon.  This person understood what I was saying and said:
Positive energy.  It’s all around you.

I smiled.
Hope is what this person can cling to.
Faith is what this person can cling to.
Positive energy is what this person needs.

Hope in the darkest days.
Can you cling to it?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Hope In The Darkest Days

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