Past Life Regression/TJ.

Past Life
My friend and fellow traveler on the Wisdom and Life road TJ recently contacted me and mentioned he’d read the book Old Souls I’d recommended in several columns.  Having read it he became interested in exploring his OWN past lives.  Here is a segment he wrote for me on his recent past life regression:

I’ve long debated whether I actually believe in past lives or not. Do we really keep coming back? Again and again? At times in my life I’ve had the experiences of meeting someone and having that overwheleming feeling that we’ve met before, but I have never had that experience of visiting a place and feeling like I’ve stood here before. So, I’m somewhat skeptical, but open minded about it.
At Chris’ suggestion I read Old Souls by Thomas Schroder and it made me really think. Is there something going on here that we’re not fully aware of? For a long time I struggled with a fear, and for the first time in my life I had thoughts that maybe my fear stems from a former life. So, I decided to try regression hypnois.
It worked…..
I was back in the early 1800s, prior to the Civil War. As a boy, I hung out at quarry and threw stones and climbed boulders. By my 20s I was a blacksmith working in a shop with a couple of other fellows who didn’t really appreciate me being there. Later in life, I lived with a woman, but we weren’t married and the community shunned us. In my 80s, on my last day, I was farming with a plow and ox, and suffered from heat exhaustion, and collapsed.
This past life didn’t really bare much on my life today, until the following evening when I had dinner with my ex-girlfriend. Telling her what happened (or what I saw), we were able to piece together how that life is effecting me today.
Now I’m taking steps to overcome my fear and move forward.
I wouldn’t say past life therapy is for everyone, but it certainly made me see things in a different light.
So, am I believer……I’m still a bit skeptical, but will go for another session soon.

Past Life Regression/TJ.

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