Slogans –Men Go Crazy In Congregations

I’m NOT religious. I don’t attend church. The above phrase comes from the song:
All This Time by Sting.

My interpretation of the the phrase is:
Choose your own spiritual way. Which is why the phrase resonates so deeply with me. I HAVE chosen my own way. Just because you’re not religious doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God. You certainly can believe. I do and I carry on a daily conversation with MY God.

There’s another passage in The Color Purple that goes something like this:
“There are other things I can do to show my belief in God then to attend church every week.”
I know I’ve bastardized the phrase. It has been so long since I’ve read the book that I can’t recall the exact wording. But again, the phrase resonates deeply with me.

I’d rather carry on a personal conversation with God then be drowned out by the voices of many. (Wow! Another epiphany as I wrote that!)

That’s what:
Men go Crazy in Congregations
They Only Get Better One by One


I’ve seen people who attend church on Sunday who go through the motions and say all the right things while in church, but how many of them actually practice what they preach during the week? We’re not perfect and we shouldn’t attempt to be however we can certainly try to do good and be good to others.

How many times have you seen someone cut you off while:
a. trying to cross the road on foot
b. trying to merge into traffic while in your car.

How many of these people attend church regularly? That’s what I mean by people going through the motions. There are so many other examples I can point to as well. I’m not saying attending regular services is a bad thing. If you get something out of it and you do practice what you preach then by all means continue to go, but don’t chastise those of us who don’t go. Many people who don’t attend are more spiritual then those who do. I consider myself much more spiritual. As I said early on in this post, I carry on a daily conversation with God, many times a day.


Slogans –Men Go Crazy In Congregations

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