Because we tend to live so unconsciously, we take things like the ability to walk very much for granted.  When you start paying attention to it, you will appreciate that it is an amazing balancing act, given the small surface area of our two feet.  It took us about a year as a baby to be ready to learn this dynamic balancing act of locomotion.

Letting Everything
Become Your Teacher
Page 80
Jon Kabat-Zinn

First a quick personal story about walking:
Last year I my lower back and my neck were giving me great discomfort.  So much so that I finally went to my general doctor.  The first thing she did was write a prescription for muscle relaxants.  Took them twice at night before going to bed and, let me tell you.  I did NOT take them again after the second night.  I went back after a week and my doctor sent me to an orthopedist.  The MOMENT I walked into his office, his jaw dropped and his mouth went agape.

The first words out of his mouth shocked me.
How are you walking?  he asked.  Trying to make light of the moment, I said I put one foot in front of the other.

No, he said.  You SHOULDN’T be walking.
Okay a little back history here.  I have scoliosis.  I’ve ALWAYS known that.  What I didn’t know and what my orthopedist said was people with the type of scoliosis I have generally end up in a wheel chair by the time they’re 25.

This is yet another example I can point to where God has blessed me.  My faith, my determination wasn’t going to get in the way.  Besides I didn’t know I shouldn’t be walking.

So trust me when I say I NEVER take the ability to walk for granted.

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a master in meditation.  One of the activities he has you do in his meditation sessions is walking in a circle with your eyes watching your feet, simply concentrating on what your feet are doing.  Head down, eyes open, just being.  There are so many ways to meditate and there is no WRONG way.  Whatever gets you to that contemplative state where nothing is disturbing your calm.  For some of us, reading does it.  For others, closing our eyes and listening to quiet music.  Whatever brings you calm, gets you out of your thoughts, centers you is what you should do.

To be honest, my discipline has been lacking in the past month or so.  Before this June passed us by (By the way, where DID that month go?) I spent at least three nights a week right before going to bed with my lights turned down and some contemplative music playing, just being.  I can tell you beyond doubt that on those nights I did that I woke up the next morning feeling more awake, more refreshed.  I’ve fallen off and haven’t been spending that reflective time recently and I can feel the difference.  I need to get back to that state.  I understand now that we all need to make time for ourselves.

No television!
No harsh lights!
No computer screen!

Just soft instrumental music and sitting in a comfortable chair and reflecting on your day.  EVERYONE should take time to do this.  You’ll be surprised at the results.  Believe me!  having experienced both sides now I completely understand the benefits of doing this BEFORE bed.

–Do you take time to meditate?
–When do you take time?
–What is your desired way of meditating?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to everyone.


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