The whole point of the teaching I gave in those days was to try to break you out of your insistence of identifying with the physical body.  All suffering comes from that identification, that should be obvious enough.


American Savior
Page 62
Roland Merullo


How many of us see our physical bodies and nothing else?  We are NOT just our bodies.  There is an entirely other realm out there.  I find it difficult to comprehend when I come across people who have no spiritual inclination whatsoever; most likely because I see the Divine everywhere.   You don’t have to be religious to see this.  In fact as I’ve stated here many times, I’m far from religious.  I consider myself spiritual not religious.  I understand this phrase has become ubiquitous and as a result has lost some of its meaning.   However, what the phrase means to me is this:
Being spiritual
means having no recognized religion other than being Christian.
–Being spiritual means having the ability to pick and choose from a variety of religions and melding your own worldview.
–Being spiritual means not having to answer to any particular God other then one of your own choosing.

Not that I don’t believe.
Not that I have no faith.
Not that I don’t pray

On the contrary, I carry on a daily conversation with MY God ALL the time.
I thank MY God for every gift he gives me
I’m grateful for everything in my life and I express my gratefulness at every opportunity.
I don’t know how religious people perform their gratefulness as I’m not in their presence enough to make a judgement.  I CAN tell you from being the presence of spiritual people that EVERYONE I know in this paradigm express their joy, their pleasure, their gratefulness easily and often.

Alright, as you can clearly see I have a major tendency to fall off topic when I’m writing.  I won’t necessarily call it a challenge, because everything I write is has a BIT to do with the topic at hand.  Let’s see if I can refocus.
Our physical body suffers pain, emotional pain as well as corporeal pain.  It’s a matter of law that when we choose to incarnate from spirit to corporeal that we MUST endure pain in order to continue our learning process.  One of the lessons I’ve learned as a result of this lifetime that I’m living now is the fact that in order to graduate (so to speak) to my next spiritual class,  my next level of enlightenment,  I chose a life where early infancy and childhood required lot’s of strength on my part to survive.  With the great faith that I have and had growing up I not only survived,  I prospered and continue to prosper.  My early challenges as a child paved the way for a spiritual leap forward during my next incarnation.  I’m quite sure that I passed those particular challenges I endured and I will be rewarded in my next life.

Next life?  You ask.  For those new to my blog, yes I’m referring to Reincarnation/Past Life Experience.  I KNOW I’ve been here before and I KNOW I’ll be here again.  There is too much evidence for me not to understand this.

The reason our physical body suffers as it does is twofold:
–Because we DO break down after a pre referenced time.  I’m sure you’ve heard the poem:
The Clock is Wound but Once.  
While I understand the sentiment,  I certainly don’t agree that the clock is wound but once.  Big surprise, right? Yes!  For EACH lifetime our clocks ARE wound once, but the initial sentiment of the poem was the meaning that we ONLY live once which is false.

–Because the ONLY way for us to learn is through the suffering process.  We don’t learn from our triumphs.  We learn from our challenges.  With each lesson we learn we get to pass that by and we won’t be faced with the same challenge during our next incarnation.

That’s why some of us face such lifelong challenges.  I’m thinking here of children and adults who have faced adversity, whether it be physical or emotional challenges.  These challenges were chosen by our spiritual selves when we incarnated.  Just keep in mind that ANY challenges, ANY turmoil, ANY difficulties that arise in your life have been chosen by your spiritual self,  your soul upon incarnation.  The events in your life have been chosen to help you move up the spiritual ladder, rung upon rung until reaching enlightenment.

If you would enjoy further information on this topic, might I recommend Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.  I’ve blogged about this book previously because it made such a huge impact on me after reading it.  I still carry many of its topics close to my heart, because it all makes perfect sense to me.

Your suffering is simply a side effect of being human.  If you can remember one of my current favorite observations:
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Not only is it important to remember this; it is also important to live your life this way.

There IS another realm.  Can you see it?
Do you only see your physical body?
Can you see beyond the physical and into the ethereal?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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