G+IconJesse Wojdylo over on G+ wrote a column on his blog called:
Proof that Google+ is not mainstream yet.  I have several Social Media clients that I meet with once or twice a week to help them market their wares online.  One day last week I met a prospective client in Guilford, Connecticut at the Vegetarian Enclave.


While I was there I overheard another conversation at the table next to mine about that other network. Another meeting was happening there between a few people who were looking for Social Media advice.


I smiled to myself because I felt I knew a secret that no one else did.


What is that secret?


I saw my prospective client walk in.  I waved to her and she sat down.  As we began discussing what I could do for her, two of the people in the other meeting turned our way because I mentioned Google+.  They asked if they could pull up their chairs and listen to me, leaving their “guru” out in the cold.


I kinda felt a bit distressed for the guy who was helping his two clients, but not distressed enough to turn them away.  That was kind of amazing to me as I sometimes have a challenging time recognizing my abilities.  I think we all have that challenge at some point.


These two new people wanted to understand my fascination with G+ and as I began laying out the lessons I learned being on that other network and coming to Google+, everyone seemed to get it, even the other guy began asking me questions.


Maybe he didn’t want to feel left out?
Maybe he REALLY did want to pick my brain?


Whatever the reason, I wasn’t bothered.  My entire perspective has changed now.  Whether someone uses what I teach for themselves or uses my lessons to help others really doesn’t make a difference to me anymore.  I’m simply a conduit and what people take from me and how they use it after is really up to them.


I explained to them how Google was building their network on search.

I showed them what author rank was and how it could help content providers.


So why did I mention Jesse’s column at the beginning here?

Well, it’s because (Okay, I’ll say it) Facebook is still the major network that everyone discusses.  That network was what was being talked about at the other table when I walked in.  Jesse’s right:
Many people are not even aware of G+.


In fact when I began talking about it to my prospective client, the two women at the other table hadn’t ever heard of G+.  They know about it now.  Oh and not only did I pick up my original client who I was meeting last week.  I also picked off one of the women from the other meeting.  My schedule is slowly filling up as I now have four clients that I help regularly.  I’m not about to go above six or seven at the moment.


I learned my lesson well.  Before I was hired full time at my local library I created a computer consulting business where I built my client list to well over a hundred.  I’m certainly not about to go down that route again.


Facebook or G+?

What’s best for you?


When I left my meeting last week in Guilford, I think my new clients now see the huge benefits of of G+ over Facebook now and once they begin using it with some help from me I hope they become G+ evangelists as well.  Here’s hoping we can build G+ into a content provider’s heaven.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



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