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Alright.  So before I delve into the topic of Soul Groups, let me first ask a question:
How do you believe one develops a personal worldview?


My impression is that we take in what we see around us, try it on and if it fits then we mold it to our being.  Being an extremely spiritual person myself, I naturally gravitate to spiritual texts and and visual materials.  One of the last books that shaped my worldview, Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, left a huge impression on me as it discussed many things about life and death (transition) that was already familiar to me.  However there also a few new things I tried on and I found that they fit my already esoteric worldview quite nicely.  One of those, Soul Groups, was discussed at length in the book and seeing as I was already in the Past Life/Reincarnation camp, it wasn’t such a stretch to see where soul groups fit into this.


So what is a Soul Group?
And who is in this group?

According to Journey of Souls, everyone of us has a group of souls who are always with us.  Called “Soul Groups,” the people in our circle are our closest friends and family.  We never know how they will be associated with us.  As I mentioned in a previous column called Signing a Contract, our associations are continuously in a state of flux.  Each new incarnation shuffles the group in a different way.  One incarnation may have one in your group be your best friend.  In the next incarnation, that best friend may be your brother or your sister.


The other VERY important thing to realize when we look at our souls is to stop thinking in terms of gender.


Souls have no gender.


We (Our souls, that is) choose our gender BEFORE we incarnate.  That’s why we sometimes find ourselves attracted to people we generally wouldn’t be.


It’s NOT the person.
It’s the soul INSIDE the person that we are drawn to.
It’s why they are called soul mates!


Soulmates are a contingent of our soul group.  That’s why we are immediately drawn to someone.  We recognize each other on a spiritual level.  Our spirits have recognition of each other that goes beyond the physical.  The recognition is instinctual, primal.


Soul groups play an important role in both life and in transition.


In life, our family of souls keep us moving forward spiritually.  When we come upon a member of our group, I like to think there is a primal charge that is felt between the souls.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying:
Love at first sight.


When that happens it is because we recognize someone as a member of our family of souls.  So yes!  Love at first sight does exist.  And you may never know what  relationship you had with that person in a previous incarnation.  When you feel that kind of attraction however, you should understand that they are part of your family.  Never dismiss the feeling as something arbitrary because if you neglect that person out of hand, if you dismiss them, if you don’t subscribe to instant attraction, you will surely miss out on a life of joy, on a life of bliss.  You will miss out on a chance for real commitment.


You and the soul you were meant to be with will travel through your current incarnations never being truly happy, always searching for your other half.  When you feel someone significant enter your circle, (and you will know almost immediately if they are significant) don’t let them slip away.


They are part of your inner circle for a reason.
They are part of your life for a reason.


They are a member of your soul group; and you will need them for the rest of your life.  Your soul group is also extremely important in your transition.  Once you have passed through the transition tunnel and seen people you have known in life, they will guide you to your soul group.  Those you see in the tunnel are NOT in your soul group for a very specific reason:
Being in the presence of someone so close to you after the initial shock of transitioning would cause more harm to an already battered soul.  For that reason, those you meet in the tunnel may BE long lost relatives, those you know in passing, acquaintances you may have made during your last incarnation.  These are just the souls who are by your side to ease you into this transitioning period.


You may be wondering why I’m using the word transition here to describe what is happening.  It is because all you are truly experiencing in death is a transitory period.


There REALLY is no death!
God made sure of that.


This place where you find yourself after transition is a state of being.  As Journey of Souls suggests, it is simply a reviewing station, a place where we get to review our last life we just left behind.  Our soul group is waiting to welcome us back into their fold, those who have already made the transition.


I believe that it isn’t until the entirety of our family is back in the fold that we even consider returning.  For we need each other just as much in transition as in life.  And it isn’t until we are all in transition together that we can review our lives together.  That’s the purpose of this place where our souls find each other.


I believe soul groups consist of five to ten souls and these are the souls who travel with us in life and in transition.  We learn more from each other when we are spirit, when we are whips because there is no shell, no body weighing us down, sending conflicting messages.  Our souls communicate by touch, by perception.  We know immediately what we are thinking because there is nothing between us and our thoughts.


There is no barrier.


That is why it is so important to have this time to review our lives in a spiritual state.  Our soul groups can be honest in a way in this place that we simply cannot be when we incarnate.  Our shells, our bodies can hide behind our thoughts.  We can learn to be disingenuous when we are hiding our souls behind our shell.


Not so when we are light alone.  It is impossible to hide our TRUE selves when we have nothing to hide behind.  We MUST take the time to review our last life with EVERYONE in our soul group before we can consider returning.


And return we must.


For it is in our humanity that we are tested.  And we don’t know our results until we are all together again in Transition Station.  Notice we go through Transition Tunnel to get to Transition Station?  It is only after we have each reviewed our lives with each member of our group that we can decide when to go back.  It is then that we are brought to Transition Hall.  Here is where we choose our next life.  That next life will be a result of how we performed in our previous life.  In other words, if we came upon a challenge in a previous life and we didn’t make the connection and make the necessary change then we will come upon the same challenge again this new life.  We keep finding the same challenges until we make the correct change and move forward.  That’s one of the things our soul group is here for.  The can help us move forward.  Also our guides can send us messages.  It is up to us to heed the messages though.  As you can see, Journey of Souls REALLY left a lasting impression.  All one must do is follow the preceding link to read the columns I wrote about the book at Wisdom and Life.


I’ve merged the concept of Soul Groups into my worldview because it fits well within the confines of my life experience.  It makes sense considering every other part of my paradigm.


Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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  1. Amar

    Very well written and great info!

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