My friend, Jessica Mokrzycki


published Pain’s Precipice at her blog yesterday and it dredged up memories that were buried deep in my consciousness:

Spending time with The Professor’s Husband

Because like Jessica, I visited someone who I became close to over the course of several years. You can read about my friend in the linked column above.  I will say only this about our visits:
We were of the same spiritual ilk and it’s why I so enjoyed our conversations.


Jessica says at one point in Pain’s Precipice:
Others that come here to care for him that I talk to think him a silly old man that rambles on and on. I see him as a genius and if one only cares to listen he reveals a life where splendor shone daringly at its crest.


After my friend transitioned, I also heard the same stories about him:
That once his wife transitioned, he became entrenched in a spiritual fugue. (My turn of a phrase.)
That he lost a part of his cognition when his wife passed.
That he believed some “silly” thoughts.


I didn’t see this at all.
I saw the strong soul behind the man.


So, thank you, Jessica for bringing these wonderful memories I have of my time with The Professor’s Husband back around.  I so enjoyed my conversations with him, for he was about the ONLY person I could talk to about my worldview because we were BOTH on the same page when it came to these discussions.


Another memory Jessica’s column brings up is spending time with my maternal grandparents; only because she writes about her time with HER grandparents early on:
…Of sitting at my grandparent’s kitchen table after a night of sleeping over with my sister. Poached eggs, grapefruit and cantaloupe before us as well as my grandparent’s loving eyes and warm voices drifting melodically in a shared space made sacred. A time of memories being woven deep in the fibers of my consciousness. My heart winces as I know my grandmother is no more. Her remains now in a marble urn atop my grandfather’s dresser. Those days gone forever.


First I want to tell Jessica that my paradigm suggests that:
Those days are NOT gone forever.
That we will ALL see each other again in transition as well as in life.
I want to suggest reading Journey of Souls to her.


I have my own wonderful memories of spending time in Lisbon, Connecticut on Graham Terrace with my maternal grandparents:
There was the ubiquitous fishing hole two minutes down the street from my grandparents.
My grandfather taught me to fish.
My grandfather introduced me to my photography obsession.


Graham Terrace in Lisbon, Connecticut was a magical place.  It became my sanctuary.  My first best friend lived on Nora Street just a hop and jump away, and I sometimes spent more time visiting him than I did with my grandparents.
Seeing that map of Lisbon, floods my brain with endorphins.
Seeing that map of Lisbon brings back all the amazing memories I had growing up.
Seeing that map of Lisbon, engulfs me in peace.


Spending time there as a youth made me who I am today and I wouldn’t trade anything for not having the experiences I did while living there.  Everyone should have such a place to have grown up in.

All such amazing memories I experienced growing up and it is always peaceful going back and recalling those memories. So I want to thank Jessica for Dredging Up Memories of my youth.

And here’s another memory that just popped in:
As with Jessica’s friend, my grandfather took up painting later in his life as well.

I’d forgotten ALL about that but now I clearly see him sitting in the dining room that became his studio crouching over a painting he worked on.  WOW!  I’d ENTIRELY forgotten that about him.  Goosebumps and a warm feeling just flooded my being.  I can actually close my eyes and bring the image of my grandfather sitting in that studio now.

Thank you, Jessica!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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